Traditional cooking

but with details in its presentation.

This restaurant was opened by María Angeles and Juan Carlos, sister an brother, twenty years ago.


For the owners  both  of them chefs, cooking is a challenge every day, "our food is traditional, but also creative and innovative".


To enjoy quality cuisine.

In the lounge on the ground floor, a cozy atmosphere breathes, decorated with an antique flavour, where

you can eat "tapas" and dishes.


In the first floor, we can offer you a lounge, where you can celebrate  private friends, bussiness and familiar meetings, with a capacity until seventy diner guest.

Our greatest treasure is our garden-roof, full of plants, where you can enjoy an intimated and relaxed atmosphere.

Relaxed  atmosphere outdoors.

Restaurante Carlos Baena · c/ Rastro, 28 - Bajo · 41004 Sevilla · Reserve Phone 954 421 755